Earthbound is out!

Light the fireworks, bang the drum, put on your dancin’ shoes and <insert you own signature celebration here>, Earthbound (The Reach, Book 1) has officially arrived.

Now, before you start yelling incoherently at me – something along the lines of, ‘You said it was coming July 10, I’m not ready for this!!’ – take a deep breath and relax.  The book is ready and there seemed no point in waiting any longer.  Okay?  It’s here.  Deal with it.

Now.  Click below and go ahead and take a look.  You can even check out the first few chapters with Amazon’s Look Inside feature if you’re feeling daring.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!

Only 99c for a limited time!

Amazon US

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK

Earthbound Artwork sm

2 thoughts on “Earthbound is out!

  1. hi Mark.
    Just finished “After the winter” What a sci-fi diamond amongst the heaps of Kindle scifi coal. Your books deserve to be read by the thousands of scifi fans who hit kindle every day. I specialise in ranking kindle titles and could advise you for free on ranking your sci-fi titles better on kindle. (I designed niche software that scrapes kindle for low competition, high traffic niche keyphrase opportunities) Email me if you are interested, you deserve more eyes on your books and more sales.
    Thanks. Rob Lear

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