The Silent Earth trilogy ends on March 20

The Silent Earth trilogy ends on March 20 with ‘The Fires of Yesterday’.  I had a blast writing this last instalment, and the overwhelming response from early readers is that this is the best book in the series.  Once again it will be available through Amazon in paperback and eBook format.

TFoY Cover 500x750

The Earth is in ruins.  Cities and nations are destroyed.

Brant is a synthetic, a machine made in the image of man who dreams of bringing humans back into the world.  Close to achieving his goal, his tiny cradle of life is now threatened by ominous black clouds that roll in from the north and bring darkness to the land.

In the wasteland, the cannibalistic Marauders begin to escalate their war with the resistance fighters of Ascension.  As resources dwindle, both sides become more ruthless, endangering all within the region.
Brant will be forced to once again return to the wasteland and into the midst of the battle to confront the source of the darkness in an attempt to save all that he has created.