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Dawn of Procyon (Distant Suns, Book 1)

DoP Cover

Eclipse of Procyon (Distant Suns, Book 2)



Earthbound (The Reach, Book 1)

Landfall (The Reach, Book 2)

Skybreach (The Reach, Book 3)

Sunspire (The Reach, Book 4)

The Reach on Google+


After the Winter (The Silent Earth, Book 1)

After the Winter Cover Final New Build 500x750

The Seeds of New Earth (The Silent Earth, Book 2)

TSoNE Thumb

The Fires of Yesterday (The Silent Earth, Book 3)

TFoY Cover 500x750

The Silent Earth on Google+


The Machine

The Machine story thumbnail

6 responses to “Books

  1. Carla

    I just read After The Winter. It was great ! Loved it read it in 4 days…

  2. Ivan

    Hello Mark!
    I was wondering if there was going to be a boxset for the Reach series in amazon like with the Silent Earth series. I was hoping it would be available in the near future (november!!).
    Thank you!

  3. Chris B

    Hi Mark, I thought that the “Silent Earth” trilogy was very good but the “Reach” series is brilliant. In fact I posted a review on Amazon about the latter box set (one of my first reviews ever). You’ve become one of my favourite authors – your writing and characterisation are top notch. Cheers

    • Hey Chris, that’s awesome, thanks! I really appreciate that. I happen to think The Reach is a better series, but for whatever reason it has been a lot less popular than Silent Earth. Maybe one day it will get some more love. 😉

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