Mark’s music project ‘Hibernal’ interweaves his original sci-fi stories with instrumental music to create an immersive experience for the listener.  Combined with a professional voice cast, the ‘audio movies’ have been hailed by critics and fans alike for their originality and creativity.

Stream the albums directly below:




5 responses to “Music

  1. brendoonwright

    Beaut!! I always thought Prog should go down the route of story-telling as a primary function.
    I read “After the Winter” and have the rest of the trilogy ready to roll.
    ATW is perfect, believe it or not.
    Now on top of that, the music! As Sean Bean said “’tis a gift!” Thanks a ton.

    • Thanks, I agree with you entirely about Prog, especially with the freedom to write songs/albums of any length. Prog should be about breaking the boundaries and hopefully I’ve done that in some small way.

      Thanks for checking out the books, I hope you enjoy them. 😉

  2. brendoonwright

    REALLY enjoyed the first book, muchly so. In the audio you’ve really nailed the book-excerpt to music ratio, like War of the Worlds. Picked out the important bits (‘course, you KNOW the story backwards, but it woulda been hard to cut out most of his encounters) and segued from narration to the next tune perfectly.
    Years back I tried my hand at a progrock opera but made it lyrics focussed… bleh, was too big a job. Never even got half it finished… mighta been different with the gear I’ve got now, but you can only do so much with a 4-track cassette, eh!

  3. brendoonwright

    Forgot to mention, I just had to listen to “Replacements” tho I haven’t read the book yet. Things just get better and better! Thanks a ton.

    • Cool, great to hear you enjoyed both formats. I will say that making an album tie-in to a full length novel is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in a creative sense. They really are different beasts. The script for the album has to be much simpler and so much more condensed, and it was difficult to keep the two in alignment. Nice challenge, though.

      Lol, yeah times have changed. I would never have even contemplated making an album like this years ago. These days with amp modelling, DAWs, the ability to audition and direct voice talent from the other side of the world, the possibilities are endless. You can literally do everything from your bedroom, and that’s hugely empowering.

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