The Silent Earth, Book 2: The Seeds of New Earth – Coming Dec 22, 2014

The second novel in the Silent Earth trilogy, ‘The Seeds of New Earth’, will be available on Dec 22, 2014 on Amazon in paperback and eBook format

TSoNE Cover 500x750

The Earth is in ruins.  Cities and nations destroyed.  Mankind is extinct.

Brant and Arsha are synthetics, machines made in the image of people.  They dream of bringing humans back into the world and have the technology to succeed, but the obstacles in their way are mounting.

Not only are their own conflicting ideals creating a rift between them, but now the sinister Marauders are closing in as they seek revenge on Brant.  Out in the wasteland, strange lights and mysterious objects in the sky herald the arrival of new factions that seek to control the region.

Even in the once quiet streets of their own city, malevolent forces are beginning to unfurl that threaten the sanctity of everything they hold dear, jeopardising the future that is within their grasp.