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  1. Dear Mark,

    I will happily pay $25.00 for Hibernal’s (your) “Replacements” COMPACT DISC. I LOVE IT (!) and I prefer tangible records over downloads.

    Yours truly,

    Richard Van Ry
    (“Honorary Queenslander” 1975-1980 – Brissy and Mt. Cotton)

  2. *After The Winter* caught my eye at the library. Now I’m hooked on the trilogy and will be buying the second novel in the series. Took me 3 days to read Winter; here’s hoping the third in the series is out soon, as I know I will devour The Seeds of New Earth too quickly and left yearning for the third to continue Brant’s story. Great read.

  3. Mark – just finished Book Two of the Silent Earth series – loved it but now I’m hungry for the conclusion of the trilogy… do you have a projected release date yet?
    Mike Billington

      • That’s kewl… I couldn’t find it before (that sometimes happen because I’m in Spain and sometimes books that are available elsewhere don’t show up here for reasons that aren’t actually clear to me…) Thanks for the link, I’ve found it now 🙂 BTW: I reviewed the first two on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. and I’ll start reading this one soonest…

          • Just started reading it and will post a review on several sites when I’m done… as someone who has written seven books myself, I know exactly how important it is to get reviews and (on Amazon) to vote them up as helpful (if they were) because that keeps the good reviews on top 🙂

  4. Hi Mark, so very excited for the next Hibernal album. I have purchased all 3 prior albums from bandcamp and just love them. Thank you for adding the digital booklet to each release, it really adds to the overall package. Your artwork is always superb. Take care. Brian

  5. Love the New Album. Come by email over night downloaded straight away
    Will get the Machine shortly. Shame the Digi-pak is sold out
    Even though i have Sonos and Bandcamp i still like to buy cds to support artist like yourself
    Keep it up

    Stephen (chefyego)

  6. Hi Mark,
    I have just finished your second Distant Suns book and loved it. I was hoping you might be able to hint at the third book’s release date as I am looking forward to where the series goes.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately I don’t have a firm release date as that series is through a publisher and I have to work things out with them. Hopefully I can get it sorted down the track.

      • Hi Mark,
        Thanks for the reply and hope it works out with the publisher as I really enjoyed the storyline. All the best and will keep and eye out for new releases.

  7. Hello Mark,

    Most everyone else has to work up to amazing and fantastic by fine tuning, but Beyond the Dark has reached the top of my list and still remains there after listening several times to each episode.
    The writing, music and production quality is amazing and the podcast is so immersive. It’s like the Star Wars of podcasts. I think I can continuously come back over many years to be entertained by them.”The Machine” nails it for me.

    Might I suggest you re-think the title. I just happened to find it listed in another persons playlist online and even googling “Beyond the Dark” I don’t get a solid hit to your podcast until page 12. Googling “Beyond the Dark Podcast” doesn’t give a solid hit until page 3. Apparently there are movies and even other podcasts that have the same title or a variation “Beyond the Darkness” that completely buries yours. I believe you could be a real hit if it was easier to find.

    Great work and looking forward to more episodes. I am now interested in your books as well.

    • Hey Brett, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch. I haven’t had much feedback on BtD so it’s awesome to hear you’ve enjoyed it so much. The podcast hasn’t gained much traction and (as you point out) the fact it isn’t doing well with SEO doesn’t help.

      I will start with trying to improve the SEO as changing the name would be a huge undertaking – but it may come to that. I tend to focus everything on the creative process and my marketing has always left a lot to be desired. I need to improve for sure.

      All the best,

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