The Reach gets a new coat of paint

In an attempt to revitalise the Reach series a little, I’m doing some rebranding with the covers ahead of the release of Sunspire.  Although I love the old covers from an artistic standpoint, I’m not sure they’re doing their job – i.e. conveying the genre at a glance to prospective readers.

These new covers will hopefully do a better job of that.

Paperback editions will still retain the old covers, so those of you who have bought hard copies will still be able to obtain matching sets for the series.

reach series new sm

2 thoughts on “The Reach gets a new coat of paint

  1. I have to say I really did like the older covers, the aura of malaise, the dirigibles, the cyberpunk sensibility to them. Alas, all books are judged by their covers, and everyone loves that new-book-cover smell after all. The new covers do look good, particularly the font changes.

    • Agree with you Chris, I think the font is a lot more modern and the design is more eye-catching, and they probably look better as a thumbnail – which is how most people will first see them. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks for the comment

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